Hello “world!”. A very simple line it appears to be but it haunts me. What is the world? World was understood either as “A totality of Objects” or “A totality of Facts”. There was a world, where we use to have a “Pak Tea House”, which enjoyed a corporeal being. A solid real object that was alive , living and healthy. Objects float in Time and time is condensed in epochs which determine the spirit of objects. The epoch we entered had a peculiar spirit. It enchants and bewitches . The objects are reduced to their use value , loosing their corporeal being and solidity to a mere exchange value , becoming ghosts. When a Cafe can’t make profit , it has to close down. It becomes a ghost. No matter, if its the only witness to a nation’s feeble attempt to develop ideas. No matter if it had been graced by the titans of modernity. No matter if it helped develop language and thus thought. Thought has no “exchange value” and hence is not required by the Market, at least not in Pakistan where radical academy has not yet become a business !

That brings me down to facts! Facts deal with “Reality”. In “Twilight of the Idols”, Nietzsche traces humanity’s quest to reach the “Real”from time of Plato, marked by the dualism of “The Real” and “the apparent” . In our quest for the real he , laments , we have done away with even the “Apparent”. What we have now in “Modern Times”, is neither Real, nor Apparent, but some thing in between. Yea, the “ghosts” that i talked about earlier. In postmodern times they call it “The Virtual” . Which Nietzsche propheciesed as ” the last breath of vaporizing reality”. Nietzche could lament. we are condemned to celebrate it because ours is epoch of ghosts. Enter the “De-realization” of Pak Tea House.

Hello World, whatever that is!!

Na Janoon Raha , Na Parri Rahi

Ju Rahi , so be khabri rahi————