Observing Pakistan is a tiring job , tiring, exhausting and frustrating, because its really is a postmodern experience, with all the flare , confusion, psychedelic hallucinations. Again and again i am recalling the words of French theorist Gilles Deleuze ,who commented in “Two Regimes of Madness”:

The current political situation is very muddled. People tend to confuse the quest for freedom with the embrace of capitalism. It seems doubtful that the joys of capitalism are enough to liberate a people. The bloody failure of socialism is on everybody’s lips, but no one sees capitalist globalization as a failure, in spite of the bloody inequalities that condition the market, and the populations who are excluded from it. The American Revolution failed long before the Soviet Revolution. Revolutionary situations and experiments are engendered by capitalism itself and show no signs of disappearing, unfortunately. Philosophy remains tied to a revolutionary becoming that has nothing to do with the history of revolutions.”

With the single stroke of pen , United States great friend and last Knight crusader of the “Free World”, General Musharaff took away the rights which were won by humanity on streets of France, The Right to Vote, The Right of Association, The Right to make Union, The Right of Free Movement, The Right to be Judged equally before law. The rights that had to be enshrined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights charted by Stalin-Roosevelt’s “Lets oppress the world together Club” , The United Nations. The very rights that form the bases of “claim” of “Free world” to be Free and spread these freedoms. Thanks to United States people of Pakistan are now “People without Human Rights”, the “Dhimmis” of George. W. Bush.

In the War against Terrorism , War against Islamic Fascism , the most organized secular institution of Pakistan , the Bar is subject of state terror! Thousands have been tortured , arrested without right of bail. While hardcore secular humanists like Aitzaz Ahsan , Asma Jahangir , I.R Rehman remain under arrest the Talibanist executioner Mullah Fazal Ullah roams free in Sawat preparing for a “peace negotiations” with Secular Musharaff.

The women being tortured on streets of Lahore are not wearing hijab or carrying suicide bombs. Their every right, every freedom has been snatched in the name of a war that wants to spread freedom! In the academic debate of spreading democracy by imperialism , Pakistan is emergence of a “Democracy Paradox” . All democratic freedoms perish in Pakistan on the orders of the most favorite man of western democracies. A paradox that is getting bloodier by every second!