Any one who has seen General Musharraf’s press conference can note one thing , he is falling apart. For a general who insists on being represented as “brave commando” who has seen and fought death , this was a very bad performance. He was rude, anxious and trying too much too “look tough”. His speech earlier on the proclamation of “Emergency” , which thanks to Bhutto is now known as “Martial Law”, was the first sign showing that the brave commando is loosing the war of Nerves.  The speech was ridiculed in a BBC Urdu article as “gibberish of a drunk Uncle”. This is not the perception that a military dictator wants to create. But this was what it looked like.

If the speech was a gibberish , the press conference was a mooning disaster of a sort! He had nothing to say except the old rotten “National Interest” theory. A Paranoid old maid who blames each and every one! Bhutto Phobia was most obvious.

Unnecessary and crude remarks about her didnt helped his cause but only showed how afraid the Brave General is of a Woman. He said ”

In the West I know through your papers and through your remarks, you think that she is the next prime minister. I don’t know who has given you this impression, how you have counted this vote, and what your calculations are based on”  he went on and added “that supporters outside her Islamabad house numbered 150-200. He said people had to go to the rural areas – which account for 70% of Pakistan’s 160 million population – to really gauge her popularity.”

General Musharraf was obviously referring to Ms Bhutto who was received by 3 million people from all over Pakistan, 150 of whom gave their lives to protect her as a human shield.He was obviously referring to the same person, whose one press conference led him to announce his “commitment to dissolve Parliament, hold elections and remove his uniform. The commitment that she dismissed with contempt and whose protest and threat of protest forced him to call this press conference in the first place and that too , for conceding to  one of her demands! to call general election. “The west calculating formula” is the same General Musharraf by which you were the “most popular leader” in Pakistan. What a short memory!!

Bhutto not only has shaken the ground beneath General’s feet, she has shaken his sky as well by capturing his power  base , the Policy makers in Washington and London.

President Bush now thinks Benazir Bhutto as well as General Musharraf understand “Al Qaidia threat!”

A military dictator that even with Emergency powers was not able to detain Bhutto for 6 hours! such is the weakness of this military regime . It must have really hurt, and it showed in the press conference ——–

Gulam dorte phirte hein mashallen le kur

Mahal pue tootne walla ho aasman jeese