Slavoj Zizek is perhaps one of the most well known of the living philosophers. A cultural theorist and radical leftist philosopher of highest grade. Terry Eagleton once called him the “most formidably brilliant” recent theorists to emerge from continental Europe. 

In the academy where Post modernism ruled , where “Enlightenment” was  tyranny , Marx and Freud were the great deceivers and pseudo scientists, Humanism became Fascism and Communism the great tyranny, Zizek made his market by appearing to defend orthodoxies of Enlightentment, defending Marx, Freud , and Lenin. 

His field was nevertheless Ideology, critical theory and Postmodern academic discourse, so always spoke in the language of Lacan , Derrida and Foucault but he made it obvious that he doesnt agree with most important of the Post modern academic assumptions like “end of ideology” or ‘Epoch of Post ideology”, reading the discourse of Enlightenment as essentially totalitarian, Postmodern hatred of orthodox left politics. To many he appeared to be the Messiah of academic Left , fighting its confusions and prejudices.

I never had such assumptions about Dr Zizek though i always found his position on Post ideology a bold one. It seems that during his crusade against the logic of late capitalism, Zizek has fell the victim of the same.

I have in front of me the “London Review of Books” , which has Zizek’s latest article “Resistance is Surrender”. I am simply speechless!! Calling it contradictory will be a insult to great concept of contradiction, especially for the work of a Philosopher who prides himself to be Philosopher of Contradiction, i.e “Dialectical Materialist“. This though is not the dialectical materialism that was developed by Marx. its a “Dialectics of Defeat”. The great work starts with most shocking of the observation that i have seen in my life :

One of the clearest lessons of the last few decades is that capitalism is indestructible. Marx compared it to a vampire, and one of the salient points of comparison now appears to be that vampires always rise up again after being stabbed to death. Even Mao’s attempt, in the Cultural Revolution, to wipe out the traces of capitalism, ended up in its triumphant return”

I am simply out of words to understand by which dialectical, empirical or logical analysis is this “indestructibility thesis of capitalism” developed? Even the poor Fukuyama had to retreat from his “End of History” thesis but our most radical Leftist Philosopher have discovered “indestructibility” of Capitalism. That being his great achievement, what reading of Marx implies this great dialectical “indestructibility?”.

The irony continues that Zizek later develops a brilliant attack on academic, and political left’s positions on grounds of their acceptance of capitalist hagemony and lack of “true left position”. he writes:

“These positions are not presented as a way of avoiding some ‘true’ radical Left politics – what they are trying to get around is, indeed, the lack of such a position”

One wants to cry , later he laments the liberal left’s politics. The conclusions he draws from China’s capitalism are equally “brilliant”. He endorses Chavez for the wrong reasons! grabbing the state power!!

Zizek’s problem is that he looks to Stalin. The mess he laments is the logical evolution of Stalin’s aberrations Not due to his annihilation .

Marx is Marx because he thought capitalism is destructible , if we know the method! Marxists make state, grab state , not to glorify it , not to strengthen it, not to convert socialism into Statism  , rather they make a State to destroy the  State itself! They engage in defensive violence to end the end the violence it self. They resist to be Victors , not to be mourners , or singers of surrender.

Resistance is never surrender  . In your thouroug reading of great sciences of history, psychology and Politics , you have neglected the “Myths” or you would have known , a Vampires never rise if one has the right knife, and it is stabbed in the center of the heart.

From Stalin to Zizek capitalism is being stabbed every where except its heart! therefore it lives.

Its surrender of Intellect, surrender of the Mullahs of Socialism who have turned it into Metaphysics of dictatorship, tyranny and genocide——