Joint Statement of Communist, Workers and Left Parties
of the World:

Against Another American War and For
Peace and Democracy in Iran

We the undersigned parties express our grave concern with the heightening tensions in the
Persian Gulf region emanating from the US militaristic and hegemonic stance in its conflict
with Iran (including Bush’s latest statement on September 12th 2007). The US led pressures
against Iran on the question of Iran’s expressed wish to develop nuclear technology for
peaceful purposes, is only a cover for the US attempts to secure US control over an area of
the Middle East that is best situated to control the production and export of energy resources
from this part of the world. We also express our concern over the provocative and
unacceptable statements from the Iranian president. These statements have provided the
US and its allies, in particular the Israeli government, with the excuse to continue their
provocations against Iran. The Iranian regime is exploiting the current situation to extend its
suppression of progressive forces, trade unions, youth and student movements as well as
women’s movements.

We express our full solidarity with the people and progressive forces of Iran, with trade
unions, women, youth and student movements that are campaigning for peace, democracy
and social progress. We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all political
particularly the trade unionist leaders, student movement activists and women’s
right campaigners who have been arrested and tortured in recent months.

We strongly and unconditionally express our total opposition to any military attack or
intervention against Iran by the US, the EU or Israel.
We resolve to support all genuine
efforts directed at the resolution of the current differences between the US and the Islamic
Republic of Iran through peaceful and diplomatic means. We call for the elimination of all
nuclear weapons in the Middle East, strict observance of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
and declaring the region a nuclear weapons free zone. The future direction of developments
in Iran should be decided only by the people of Iran and no one else.

October 2007
Supported by:
Tudeh Party of Iran
Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus (AKEL
Communist Party of France
Communist Party of Greece
DKP (Germany)
Communist Party of Portugal
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic)
Hungarian Workers Communist Party
Communist Party of Finland
Communist Party of Italy – Refoundation
Party of Italian Communists
Communist Party of Spain
Communist Party of Sweden

Communist Party of Britain
The Swiss Party of Labour
Communist Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Norway
Communist Party of Turkey
European Left Party
Die Linke (The Left Party) Germany
SYNASPISMOS – Coalition of the Left of Movements and Ecology of Greece
Communist Party of USA
Communist Party of Canada
Party of Mexican Communists
Communist Party of Venezuela
Communist Party of Peru
Communist Party of Lebanon
Communist Party of Jordan
Communist Party of Syria
Communist Party of Israel
Communist Party of Iraq
People’s Party of Palestine
Communist Party of Australia
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
PADS Algeria
Communist Party of Egypt
Party of Patriotic and Democratic Labour of Tunisia
MPLA Angola
Independent and Labour Party of Senegal
Communist Party of Guadalupe

I saw this great document on Tudeh’s website. The greatest of all world communist parties have “this” to say to world imperialism. At most it can be called a Liberal-democratic document. What is “communist” about it? how does it differs from the policy of other Left liberal positions like lets say UK’s Respect Party?. or Pakistani center right PML or PTI?. First Tudeh failed to understand the Revolution in Iran, failed to lead it . When masses were yearning for revolution , Tudeh was busy in theoretical debates of democratic change and national democracy. When Revolution happened Tudeh flirted with the Mullahs, ultimately killing the revolution it self. Now Iran is in grip of Fascists , trade unionist and workers are being killed, at least Tudeh is issuing statement. When will it realize its role ? There is a lesson here for Pakistani left which is just propelling the engine of a movement on which Religious Right is returning to Pakistan. Democratic illusion that is haunting Pakistani left could be suicidal.It has the potential of converting Pakistan into a new Iran or Afghanistan. Work on your agenda , not on a right wing or Liberal agenda, work for a revolution , a workers state , democracy will come as a by product ,or there will be just hangings, torture and statement—