UNESCO like always is celebrating “World Philosophy day”. November 15th was the “world philosophy day”, but the celebrations were planned for the full week , the climax being the official event in Turkey on 21 to 23 of November . The invitation we saw was impressive , it read :

Dear Friends of Philosophy,

Dear Friends of Wisdom,

On behalf of UNESCO, the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO and the Philosophical Society of Turkey, it is a special pleasure for me to let you know that the main celebration of the World Philosophy Day this year will take place in Istanbul, hosted by Turkey.

The main aims of establishing such a Day is to call public attention to the enlightening role that philosophical reflection and knowledge can play in public life and in facing world problems, besides the benefits that philosophical education and the teaching of philosophy secure in the life of individuals, whatever their profession might be.

In a world in which, despite the efforts of the UN, one third of the human beings living on our planet �have to do with one or two dollars a day� and the gap between the rich and the poor is broadening, in which terrorism has become a method to achieve any aim; and in which obscurantist worldviews try to gain �and in fact had gained� ground in many parts of our world, we need philosophical knowledge and action based on it——–“

A very impressive letter that is in line with the tradition of Philosophy , the Leftist turn it has taken since Marx and the Enlightenment project it holds very dear. All seems great, it appears that philosophers understand the problems and have identified it, but the Sky is falling —-

As a student of Philosophy i remember when my term started with the question, “what is Philosophy.” The answer as the tradition goes always started with etymology , “Philosophia” in Greek means love or friendship towards “Sophia”, which is wisdom, skills, knowledge etc. As we go further we develop ideas about what Philosophy is , its simply “thinking about what we think about, and questioning what are known as established truths“. This makes Philosophy a very radical subject, a revolution in itself. Every thing we cherish , freedom, equality, social justice, tolerance , represent a philosophical tradition and project. Since Socrates, who is called father of philosophy , Philosophy has been linked with revolt and struggle as well. From Socrates to Sartre philosophers have stood up against norms, gods, states, kingdoms and tyrants and their legitimizing  claim has not been a birth right, a revelation from God , but a simple human virtue , the ability “to think” , and the ability to examine claims on rational grounds. This simple insistance on thinking has brought about this change , the change where in principle freedoms have been accepted by every one, but the sky is falling—–

When UNESCO was busy celebrating the “enlightening” tradition of philosophy, promising to spread the education of philosophy , Taslima Nasrin was being dragged from Calcutta by police , what is her crime . Its “thinking”. He crime is that she thinks and insists on expressing her thoughts , through language , her crime is that she doesnt accept the established or not so established truths , her crime is that she insists on examining God’s commands on rational grounds, her crimes is that she can show how what is known as  God’ s words cannot even stand up to a Man’s word or worse a Woman’s word. This crime has been committed by every thinking man , Socrates was killed for thinking , Bruno was burned alive for thinking but why the Sky is falling?

The Sky is falling because India is not ruled by godly priests , its not Vatican, Union of India was established on the highest of philosophical principles of Enlightenment , Modernity, Democracy, Socialism and Secularism , but here this woman is being dragged from one city to another for the crime of following the “foundation principles” of constitution of India.

The Sky is falling because the foremost secular and socialist Party of Asia , the defender of spirit of enlightenment in India , the Congress Party has maintained a criminal silance over all this. Congress government has become a party in terrorism against free thinking

The sky is falling because the Communist Party of India who call themselves “Marxist”, who owe their name and being to a “infidel” Atheist Philosopher Karl Marx failed to protect Taslima Nasrin and forced her out of Calcutta , the sky is falling because Biman Bose supported censorship!! The sky is falling that Communist Party bowed to Fascists , sky is falling because it showed that Communist Party government is no different that Nirandra Moodi’s government

Sky is falling because Taslima Nasrin has been accused of Blasphemy , she has been accused of criticizing and challenging Koran , sky is falling because it is the challenge which Koran itself gives to whole world , the Sky is falling because No thinking mind from the Muslim world has come out in support of Nasrin. Sky is falling because Muslim world for 700 years tolerated Philosophers who wrote books like “Contradictions of Koran”. Sky is falling because tradition of thinking has died in Muslim world which produced people like Averroes , Ibne Sina, those who criticized Islamic traditions, the sky is falling because the books of muslim theology are filled with  great debates between Imams and Atheist philosophers. These atheist philosophers ofcourse lived and florished in Muslim world and were called in courts to debate with muslim Imams.

The sky is falling because this was hundres of years ago , but today in 2007 no muslim intellectual came out to defend Muslim tradition of tolerating thought

The Sky is falling because in 9th century Ibn al Rawandi could live in Islamic caliphate and write books against Koran, Prophet hood and God, not only write , but publish and defend his works and Live freely. He could live freely after pointing out errors in Koran, he could live after questioning the concept  of God and Prophet , but in 2007 Taslima Nasrin cant do so , not in Bangladesh, not in secular India. This is Post Philosophy , Post Enlightenment world

The sky is falling that a woman who thinks so beautifully is being humiliated and tortured in Modern World by Marxists and secularists , what philosophy we want to spread??

Sky is falling because such a beautiful mind is being tormented–


Why wouldn’t Eve have eaten of the fruit?
Didn’t she have a hand to reach out with,
Fingers with which to make a fist?
Didn’t Eve have a stomach for feeling hunger,
A tongue for feeling thirst,
A heart with which to love?

Well, then, why wouldn’t Eve have eaten of the fruit?
Why would she merely have suppressed her wishes,
Regulated her steps,
Subdued her thirst?
Why would she have been so compelled
To keep Adam moving around in the Garden of Eden all their lives?

Because Eve did eat of the fruit,
There is sky and earth.
Because she has eaten, 

                    There are moon, sun, rivers, seas,

Because she has eaten, trees, plans and vines.

Taslima Nasrin–