Ms. Sherry Rehman

Federal Minister of Information and Health

Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Dear madam minister, Ill like to draw your attention to the alarming situation which is developing in the Industrial hub of Pakistan. According to the reports published in the BBC Urdu website, the Punjab Medical College , Faisalabad has expelled  all its  Ahmedi Students. A total of 15 boys and girls have been expelled from the college, they were studying in different levels ranging from first year to those at the end of their academic carrier in the final year.

The force behind this expulsion is the notoriously fascist Islami Jamiat e Talba, the student wing of Jamate Islami. These students were beaten and harassed . The authorities, instead of defending the persecuted minority, expelled all the Ahmedi students from the college.

Madam, you are a witness to the reign of terror of General Zia ul Haq, you are very well aware of IJT role in violence against Bengalis, progressive students and minorities. It makes this situation alarming because this has happened when you are minister of health and Mr  Salman Taseer is governor of Punjab. Pakistan peoples Party being a center Left party and member of Socialist International has a historic responsibility to  oppose “segregation” and the “apartheid”. Disenfranchising an entire community from a medical college is unacceptable. Benazir Bhutto struggled all her life against Islamic fascists , she choose to die a martyr’s death instead of going along the forces of reaction.

Madam Minister, we hope that you will act soon and stop this injustice, you once wrote about looking at things through Eric Hobsbawm’s eyes. Today Madam minister please look at those eyes because they must be crying…

yours Faithfully

Shaheryar Ali