Shaheryar Ali

There was a time, a time when there was a fire of freedom in Iran. Such was the intensity of the flame that from India to France, it gave hope to all those who believed in freedom and equality. The workers, youth, artists,woman stood up against the imperialism and its stooges. Those who were the vangaurds of this flame made a deadly mistake. They carried wolves, cloaked in black chadors on their shoulders mistaking them as sheep. When people won, these wolves showed their real face. Those who had built the revolution were killed,cTodeh was banned, Mujaideen e Khalq were exiled. Mehdi Bazargan had to quit.

These chador clad wolves were surrounding the United States embassy on one side and were helping USA kill revolution in Nicaragua on the other side. Merg Bur Israel on one side and buying weapons from Israel on other side.

The greatest revolution of our times was converted into a ruthless dictatorship. A revolution which happened for freedom of expression, forces Abdolkarim Soroush to run away for his life. Where hundreds of professors have been dismissed; where all opposition members have been de-barred from election; where by a single decree, all free news papers were banned. Hundreds of political workers and student activists have been killed or are waiting to killed. This is Iran of Ahmedin Nijad

But I believe in the workers of Iran who are being tortured. I believe in the Tehran University whose students had the courage to mock the dictator. I believe in Shariati that this Kerbala will not go waste. When Shah forces opened fired on students Faiz Ahmad Faiz wrote his famous “Ye Kon Sakhi hein—”

Today one more Hur is dead in Kerbala of Iran. History teaches us that in Kerbala martyrs are the Victors

Kul erz un erz e Kerbala , Kul yom un yom e aashura

Ae erz e watan, ae erz e watan , kiyon noch noch keh phank diye

in aankon ne apne Neelum?

In honton ne apne majan?

Ye Kon Sakhi hein? Jin ke lahu ki ashrifian

kashkol mein girti jati hein

Kashkol ko bherti jati hein

Chan Chan Chan Chan—-

Freedom will come to Iran and these great people will defeat the imperialists and the fascists!!

Iran: Yaghoub Mehrnahad executed!

By Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Yaghoub Mehrnahad, a journalist and NGO activist in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan province, has been executed. After the province’s Appeal Commission turned down his appeal he was executed on Monday 4 August in the Central Prison of Zahedan city. 

Yaghoub MehrnahadYaghoub Mehrnahad was the secretary of Javanan Sedaye Edalat (Youth, the Voice of Justice) NGO in Sistan and Baluchestan. In April 2007, after holding a conference called “Youths question, Officials reply” in Zahedan, the capital of Baluchestan, the young journalist, who is also a student, was arrested at the end of a debate. Other members of the NGO were also arrested and later condemned to death.

According to Meghdad Barimani, the former secretary of the Islamic Society of Sistan and Baluchestan University, the Javanan Sedaye Edalat society is one of the most active NGOs in the whole province and has been active regarding various issues, including the fight against diseases like AIDS, hepatitis and disease prevention for the children and women of the area.

No precise information or documented reasons have been presented on Yaghoub Mehrnahad’s “crimes” – but it has been rumoured that he had been co-operating with “obstinate” groups.

During Yaghoub Mehrnahad’s trial neither he, nor his family, nor his lawyer, nor a jury were present! His family last saw him in Zahedan prison last December saying he showed obvious signs of torture.

Sistan and Baluchestan has experienced a great deal of unrest during the past two years, including terrorist attacks. Mehrnahad is accused of having had contact with the armed Jondollah group, which operates in Iranian Baluchestan.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network condemns the execution of this journalist, NGO activist and student. Mehrnahad is not the first journalist condemned to death in recent years. Adnan Hassanpour, a Kurdish journalist, was condemned to death last July and is awaiting execution.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
9 August 2008

Thanks to Iranian Worker’s Solidarity Network and International Marxist Website