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Did I expect anything from Lahore High Court: especially since restoration and appointment of the current chief justice by direct intervention of Chief

Lahore High Court

Lahore High Court

Justice of Pakistan? I was expecting exactly what has happened. I have a very bad record with Lahore High Court. I expect worse from it. Historical compulsions and socio-political alignments for last 100 years have made it one of the most reactionary state institutions. From judicial murder of Shaheed Bhagat Singh to judicial murder of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, this court has always done the deeds of establishment. Now its Shaif Raj in Punjab and Mansoora is controlling the courts. One Sharif is policing Art and culture in Punjab and other Sharif is banning singers.

The fruits of the “black revolution” are slowly becoming evident, first monster of lal masjid Molana Aziz was released by Supreme Court of Pakistan and now the master mind of Mumbai attacks and head of the Lashker-e-Toiba, the monster of Murikay Hafiz Saeed has been released by Lahore High Court. This should be kept in mind that this move comes at a time when PPP-ANP coalition shifted the tide of public opinion against the Taliban by playing a dangerous gamble of signing the controversial “Nizam-e-Adel” regulations. By taking a U-turn against their ideological orientation ANP-PPP exposed the right wing PML-N and JI in front of the public and they had to abandon their Taliban sympathies. The people of Pakistan were outraged by the lecture on Islam given by the blue eyed boy of ISI and Pakistani right, Molana Sufi Muhammed. ANP out maneuvered not only PML-N, JI, JUI-F but also Pakistani Armed Forces who had to start a military operation in Swat.

From the day 1, army was not serious about fighting the Taliban; grave mistakes were done during the start of Rah-e-Rast. People of Swat were forcibly evicted from the area [State machinery announced in Swat , those who will remain will be considered Taliban and will be shot!] Millions of people were displaced without any documentation or registration; this was done to provide “safe cover” to the escaping Taliban which are considered strategic asset by Pakistan Army. Innocent people are being butchered in Swat, not a single top Taliban commander has been caught or killed yet. Disillusioned Swati youth which had joined Taliban mostly for sake of adventure have been killed by Army while the hard core cadre has actually been protected by the Army. Mr Arshed Khan, member center executive committee of Awami National Party was murdered in cold blood in his home in Swat by Pakistan Army. [Today, they have very kindly announced an inquiry] This is the reality of “Operation Rah-e-Rast”.

Pakistan IndiaThe establishment was forced to enter into Swat by a mix of international pressure and the brilliant but nevertheless risky politics by ANP. Army played back by creating the IDP crisis and making sure it bleeds ANP to death this time. MQM and PMl-N closed Punjab and Sindh to IDPs. With all the tears, and sweet words coming from PML-N about opening the doors of Punjab, the reality is that Punjab government has refused to open any camp for the IDPs in Punjab. Police has conducted operations against IDPs in southern Punjab. All this is being done to create hatred in Pashtun population against ANP which against the popular sentiment took a federal line on Pashtun nationalism. On top of it, an SMS campaign is going on in Punjab which speaks of how “Taliban are Hindus!” Banking on the phallic obsession of muslim men the text messages says that 90% of those caught and killed in Swat are not muslims because they are not circumcised!!!. The section of opinion makers which historically has been considered “loyalists” by Pakistani establishment has been constantly propagating these insights into Taliban insurgencies. It gets usual nod of approval from retired army officers and ISPR. Now to remind our secular elite, that this politics of penises is not a new one in Pakistan. When our great Army entered Bengal in 70 , the usual practice was to gather all the Bengali men and boys , their dhoti [Loin cloth] was snatched .Comments were passed on their penises and they were butchered. In West Pakistan our patriots told every one with horror that how Mukti Bahni are actually Hindus because they have uncut penises! The initial phase of Bengali Genocide focused on Bengali Hindus and communists, later muslim Bengalies were also being killed. In our Army eyes they too remained “un-cut”. The family of Sarahadi Gandhi [Wali Khan , Asfan Yar Khan] always remained “Hindu” in eyes of Army, Muslim League, Right wing press [Nawa-e-waqat use to publish article every week or so in Hindu practices of Khan family, yet another interesting news item which appears after every 15 days or so is that RAW has entered dozen or so beautiful women into Pakistan to woo sate secrets from lusty macho men of Pakistan]. Late GM Syed also remained “hindu” in eyes of these people, every time his photo was published; it was the same photo with “tilek” thanks to our media artists!!!] Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was also Hindu, Jasarat [the Jamate Islami’s news paper] and other mainstream papers published numerous articles on Hindu nature of Bhutto family, and it included a “Hindu name” for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Such was the strength of this propaganda that when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hanged on orders of Lahore High Court, after his death his trouser was removed to see if Bhutto had a “un-cut” penis to prove his “hinduness”, it was photographed and filmed for state record [BBC] This whole project is being conducted to end war against Islamism. By bringing penises into politics what our establishment is doing amounts to “de-contextulization” of Islamist problem. Creating mania and hysteria against India and Hindus will save Taliban and Islamism. India is a Hindu majority secular nation state with a sizeable muslim minority, India can never support any radical muslim insurgency, its absolutely non sense.

Release of Hafiz Saeed must be looked in this context. In eyes of Pakistan’s security establishment, the liberal patriots and state institutions, the man is “Fateh-e-Mumbai”. The free judiciary has released the conqueror of Mumbai

Happy Jihadies

Happy Jihadies

despite the pleadings of Latif Khosa, Attorney General of Pakistan. Mr Khosa gave an in camera briefing to the honorable court. Mr Khossa told the court that government of Pakistan has evidence that LeT is allied to Al-Qaida. One must also note that the highest international law making body the United Nation Security council had considered evidence and banned LeT and its frontal organization but Pakistan’s free judiciary failed to see any evidence against Hafiz Saeed. This release comes a day after the monstrous suicide attack on Lahore. When Punjab is in midst of suicide attacks, the head of Punjabi Taliban is a free man. All thanks to our great civil society and champions of Jinnah’s Pakistan. With release of Hafiz Saeed one thing is now clear, that Pakistani state is now going to unleash a wave of terror in Southern Punjab and possibly Gilgat and Baltistan . In the last few days courts have bailed a number of sectarian monsters all over southern Punjab who were incarcerated for a long time. Warm up sectarian killing have already started in Gilgat and surrounding areas.

What was ironic that in Lahore, our self righteous lawyers humiliated Latif Khossa in Punjab bar meeting where Chief Justice of Pakistan was sitting watching all this political drama in front of him where , highest law officer of Pakistan, who is a Baloch and a Seriaiki was humiliated in Lahore by Punjabi lawyers for “betraying the struggle for free judiciary” , the same free judiciary which is releasing Molana Aziz and Hafiz Saeed and banning singers, while Baloch leaders are being murdered in cold blood and our courts fail to act. While Sharif brothers are acquitted of all charges in a decision which can be called scandalous to say the least. Even Justice Wajih-ud-din Ahmed had to criticize the decision and proceedings while talking to BBC With Balochistan in grip of a separatist movement and Taliban on the rampage on rest of the country what good courts and lawers are doing to nation by releasing these monsters and humiliating the political government which is desperately trying to control insurgencies?. When Senator Latif Khossa was being humiliated in front of honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, didn’t he remember that it was the same Latif Khossa whose head was smashed by Punjab police while he was leading the protest procession Lahore for his restoration. Or do they want Multan, DG Khan and Muzaffergerh bars to raise slogans “Assan qaidi takhet Lahore de”. Don’t they know that Seraiki nationalists are already talking about joining “Azad Balochistan”?. Mr Chief Justice, look at these issues, you have not targeted a single important issue which threat this nation. Political decisions will doom this nation, people want action against Molana Aziz and Hafiz Saeed. Not against Asif Ali Zardari and Latif Khossa.