IftiNasDr Ifti Nasim is a famous poet of Urdu. He belongs to Pakistan and is based in United States. He is a great gay icon for the emerging gay liberation in muslim societies.

I have written about him before as well.  A cultural Hero: Ifti Nasim. Dr Nasim is a progressive man involved in social activism. He has send me his new poem. The poem is simply beautiful. A love poem it speaks about the tender emotions of adolescence and the conflict of  sexual identity

A Boy Taught me How to Kiss a Girl

Playing Cricket was praying

Five times at once.3011447462

Every evening after

We all gather in the school ground

Like a different sets of animals

Around the watering hole

In Serengeti.

Some playing Hockey

Some Football

Some doing nothing, reading, watching

Some predators.

We both were sweating rather drenching.

We jump in the swimming pool.

My fear of water and drowning came over me.

He knew.

He held my arm and waist and made me swim.

Coming back home at dusk

He looked around.

Under a mango tree

He held my face in his palms

And put his lips on mine.

Fragrance of freshly dropped rain on hot earth

Surged in my palate

I was tasting cloud.

“ That’s how you kiss a girl.”

He whispered in my ear.

Ifti Nasim