The reign of terror against the minorities in Punjab continues , 2 anti Christan pogroms in one month have terrorized Pakistani christians. According to the BBC ,the Muslim population in a village near Toba take Singh have burned more than 40 homes of the christians including a church. The violence was instigated from the local mosque which blamed that “Koran was being desecrated at a Christian wedding. It must be noted the such mosques in Punjab are usually in control of jihadi and sectarian organizations esp tehrik e khatam e nabout, a violent anti minority organization which enjoys support from Shahbaz Sharif’s government.

The atrocities continued for a month and the government of Punjab kept criminal silence. Pakistani media and self pro claimed “secular” intellectuals as usual blacked out the news.

The much cursed president Asif Ali Zardari took notice of the violence and ordered immediate end to violence. The minister of minorities has been ordered to visit the area. Zardari has always maintained a clear secular stand from the start. He has expressed it many times from his opposition to sharia laws to his opposition to Swat deal till the end despite Army’s pressure. His action to save Christians when 99% of Pakistanis are not even aware of the incident confirms his secular inclinations. The much cursed man acted better than many. Well Done Zardari