My friend “JZ” has informed me about  these heinous development in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan’s track record is very bad when in come to issues regarding blasphemy and Ahemdi community. I urge all conscientious Pakistanis , the civil society and activists to raise a voice. These children can loose their lives. we strongly appeal to PPP and Socialist International whose part PPP is to immediately

1, Repeal Blasphemy Laws

2, Repeal Anti-Ahmedi legislation and end the segregation  and apartheid

3. Protect these children and other minorities

in accordance to Socialist traditions of Party and International.

Benazir Bhutto gave her life fighting against Islamic fascism and now its duty of party to make Pakistan a democratic secular republic. what makes it all ironic is that all of it being done by Jamatudawa which Pakistan wants every one to believe has been banned, with our Liberals still giving lectures to India, i ask them to look at the state of “ban” against party of Ajmal Kasab. Mumbai attacks still haunting and “banned organization” working openly in Pakistan

Shaheryar Ali

Children of the Lesser God


Call it a jewel in the crown or a feather in the cap but for the devout muslims of the land of the pure what could be more gratifying than to earn sawab by cleansing their land of the “impure”. After all they are the chosen few; the soldiers of god mandated to judge anyone they please and give their verdict unilaterally.
Childhood has always been equated with innocence and children unquestionably taken to be innocent. But there are these children of a lesser god who are denied their right to innocence.
Daily Times

Blasphemy charge on four children: Ahmadis face social boycott in Layyah village

* Minority community told to leave area by 9th
* Tuition centre expels 10 students because of their faith
* Police say there are no witnesses, no evidence

By Abdul Manan

LAHORE: Ahmadis in a Layyah village are facing a social boycott after four children from the minority community were detained on charges of blasphemy last week.

Shopkeepers in Chak 172/TDA refuse to deal with Ahmadis and 10 students of a private tuition centre have been expelled because of their faith. Handbills distributed in the village tell the Ahmadis to leave by February 9, and the local MNA’s uncle heads the ‘movement’ against the community, locals said. The children and a 45-year-old fifth suspect have denied the charges –of writing blasphemous material in the latrines of the central Gulzar-e-Madina mosque – and the local police station house officer, Khalid Rauf, said there were no witnesses and no evidence.

The children were charged ostensibly because of their faith. Rauf said the case was registered because the complainants believed no Muslims could possibly commit blasphemy. The imam of the mosque has said his January 27 statement about the children’s involvement was made under pressure from a group of people that included the local head of the banned Jamaatud Dawa and some local journalists.

Qari Muhammad Saeed, the imam of Gulzar-e-Madina mosque, told Daily Times he had removed various names –such as Muhammad Imran and Hidayatullah – from the latrine walls three months ago. He said the writing over which the children have been charged was not readable. All the five suspects are in police custody.

Saeed said the local Dawa head – identified only as Shahbaz – had asked him on January 22 to stop the Ahmadi children from praying in the mosque. After the imam declined, Shahbaz stopped the children on the mosque gate on January 25. The children – who study in a nearby academy – did not visit the mosque again, Saeed said. The father of one of the detained children told Daily Times his children had stopped using the latrines too.

The principal of the Superior Science Academy – where the children studied – said he had asked the children to pray in the mosque, but told them to leave the academy after he saw the blasphemous writing. Asked how he knew they were guilty, he said: “Muslims cannot do such things” so it must be the Ahmadi children.

The vice president of the mosque’s eight-member governing body and the caretaker of the mosque said they were not sure the children were guilty and added that the case had been lodged without consulting with them.

The complainants do not belong to the village.

Abdul Majeed Bhutta, the naib nazim of the union council, said Ahmadis had been peaceful and that the charge had likely been made because of vested interests.

Local residents said that the banned organisation had hijacked the mosque and the academy principal wanted to occupy the premises – owned by an Ahmadi. Noor Elahi Kulachi, a member of the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba and one of the first people to make the allegation, had also lodged a blasphemy case against an Ahmadi in 1992, the head of the Ahmadiyya community in Layyah said


Ms. Sherry Rehman

Federal Minister of Information and Health

Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Dear madam minister, Ill like to draw your attention to the alarming situation which is developing in the Industrial hub of Pakistan. According to the reports published in the BBC Urdu website, the Punjab Medical College , Faisalabad has expelled  all its  Ahmedi Students. A total of 15 boys and girls have been expelled from the college, they were studying in different levels ranging from first year to those at the end of their academic carrier in the final year.

The force behind this expulsion is the notoriously fascist Islami Jamiat e Talba, the student wing of Jamate Islami. These students were beaten and harassed . The authorities, instead of defending the persecuted minority, expelled all the Ahmedi students from the college.

Madam, you are a witness to the reign of terror of General Zia ul Haq, you are very well aware of IJT role in violence against Bengalis, progressive students and minorities. It makes this situation alarming because this has happened when you are minister of health and Mr  Salman Taseer is governor of Punjab. Pakistan peoples Party being a center Left party and member of Socialist International has a historic responsibility to  oppose “segregation” and the “apartheid”. Disenfranchising an entire community from a medical college is unacceptable. Benazir Bhutto struggled all her life against Islamic fascists , she choose to die a martyr’s death instead of going along the forces of reaction.

Madam Minister, we hope that you will act soon and stop this injustice, you once wrote about looking at things through Eric Hobsbawm’s eyes. Today Madam minister please look at those eyes because they must be crying…

yours Faithfully

Shaheryar Ali