“But there is another kind of loneliness which is terrible to endure.”
“He paused.
“And that is the loneliness of seeing a different world from that of the people around you. Their lives remain remote from yours. You can see the gulf and they can’t. You live among them. They walk on earth. You walk on glass. They reassure themselves with conformity, with carefully constructed resemblances. You are masked, aware of your absolute difference. That’s why I always live in the bars — les lieux de drague — simply to be among the others who were like me.”

Michel Foucault

Bullah ki Janna mein Kon——


20 Responses to “About”

  1. Vijay Sai Says:

    hahahahahaha………..and so evoke baba bulleh shah?

  2. Aliarqam Says:

    Thanks Sherry on on visiting my site and encouraging me…Am quite a new comer and am working on the content want to bring forwar…I am pleased to know your thoughts about the fictitious lawyers movement…Applaud for U

  3. Aliarqam Says:

    Thanks Sherry on on visiting my site and encouraging me…Am quite a new comer and am working on the content want to bring forwar…I am pleased to know your thoughts about the fictitious lawyers movement…Applause for U

  4. sherryx Says:

    Thanks Ali

  5. Omair Says:

    Thank you for leaving a word of encouragement at my blog. Looking forward to comments on my posts from you.

  6. Omair Says:

    Oh you also put me on your blogroll! I feel genuinely obliged.

  7. sherryx Says:

    Sugar you deserved to be there

  8. Jay Says:

    Just wanted to tell you that your blog is incredibly interesting… love it loadz..

  9. kabir Says:

    Hi Sherry,

    As a Pakistani-American gay man who was raised a (non-praticing) muslim, I found your attempts to respond to YLH’s biased arguments on Pak Tea House really excellent. It’s always a struggle to get people to understand that one can be Pakistani without being muslim and that one can be gay and religious at the same time.

    Anway, you sound really interesting and I’d love to get to know you better. I am 23 and finishing my B.A. in English Lit in Washington DC. I am interested in philosophy as well.

  10. sherryx Says:

    Thanks Kabir. Cheers mate

  11. Abdul Says:

    Sherryx, Nice blog. Best wishes.

  12. sherryx Says:

    Thanks Abdul. Keep up your feedback on posts you like

  13. Baba Aye Says:

    I stumbled on your site today. A friend studying in the US, who is part of a reading Adorno group sent me an email a few hours back on some Conferences and the normal talk routine of the left, she recently attended over there, where the concept of “dialectics of defeatism” turned up. I thus googled the phrase and instinctively of the sites that showed up, I chose yours at random, leading me to your 18/11/07 piece on Zizek.

    …I’ve been glued to the site since then, save for a little break to have some sandwiches….and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

    Sincere regard, comrade.

  14. sherryx Says:

    Baba Aye, i am honoured by your comments. I am really touched, please keep reading and please do spread the word. i am longing for a serious readership



  15. Nuwas Manto Says:

    Hey Sherry,
    Let me start off by saying I am an aid reader of your blog.
    And Thanks for putting my blog on your blogroll…
    Nuwas Munto

  16. stumblingmystic Says:

    Sherry, a quick question, if it’s not too pertinent — your blog subtitle says “De-realization of Pak Tea House”. Is that a reference to the Pak Tea House blog, and is there a specific contention you have with that blog? Genuinely curious here … I like PTH, but it’s too nationalistic for my tastes.

  17. Bita Says:


    I am trying to use this website as a source however, there is no information about the author other than sherryx or any affiliations to academic sources I can find. Are there any?

  18. Vox Libertas Says:

    You do know that Foucault was referring to his homosexuality and how that kept his trapped in a bubble (thus, the ref. to living “…in bars.”) while writing that post modernist piece right? It is not about anxiety, or loneliness or post modernist dystopia in general typified by artwork “The City” (alternatively known as “The Scream”).

  19. first but last visit
    Interesting Blog…

  20. Ismael Says:


    Sherryx, are you a Muslim?

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