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10 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Aliarqam Says:

    Dear Sir
    It was very interesting experience when the whole sensationalists were glorifying the deposed(now retired) CJ Chouhdry….and U have brought the unpopular stand….now the “glorious judge” has visited the mecca of the rightest (and the servants of mekka…and their highly respected…in other words the sacred Mian sb…)…known as US….I am looking forward to see from U sth on the issue…the highest expectations of the over sung hero…to put the case of american strikes on our territories…case of red mosque and missing people….I hope he will have the courage of refusing any honor from the land of the liberty statue….as the media has appreciated Samad Khurram’s for his courage(??)

  2. Aliarqam Says:

    Their was some problem in sending an email to you through my cellphone opera browser….
    The rightest
    M J Hashmi is ignored at his party…but no media anchor has reminded him of his QURBANEES….and the behavior towards him by the leadership…

  3. sherryx Says:

    Ali you are right. There is a valid criticism on this “movement” now, because Mr Zardari is criticized for going to USA, Aitzaz Ahsan went many times to USA to lobby US policy makers for retired CJ. This is never seen as “intervention” in Pakistan’s internal matters. This all is a farce. CJ is a hero in this movement for being the protector of “missing persons”. Now what moral stand he has for receiving medals from a US institution, when all missing persons are missing because of USA. The constitutional movement raised a lot of voice on civil rights. Now what bout greater civil right violator in the world?. Cant he see Guantanamo bey?, the institutionalization of torture in CIA abduction cells in Europe?
    what a farce.

  4. mariamrehman01 Says:

    Nice blog. I am inviting you to write for our website, pakistandesk.com so that more readers can read your write ups.
    We welcome opinions from all sides: the majority, the dissenters, the contrarians.
    You can contact me at pakistandesk@gmail.com

  5. sahar Says:

    please submit your stories on http://www.pakblend.com digg like storry submission websites for Pakistanis

  6. Syed Mustafa Says:

    You call Syed Ali Khamenie (May his guiding shadow last forever) as Yazid. If this is true, then you must call Bush or Sarkozy as Imam Hussain of this age. Don’t have common sense to differentiate a friend from a foe. You don’t even consider the sanctity of Islam while indulging and, at the same time misguiding others, into beastly acts of homosexuality. You talk about different types sexual orientations? What about psychological orientations like that of psychos that go on a killing spree or serial killiers who are psychologically oriented to kill and enjoy it too or habitual rapists? They are not accepted. They are treated or terminated. Treat yourself. You are gay by choice. This choice is destructive for yourself and others too. You have the right and potential to be straight and upright. Choose not to be gay. May God guide you.

  7. sherryx Says:

    @Syed Mustafa
    Thanks for your comments and concerns though i must accept my inability to understand them despite my very good problem solving skills
    If you worship Khamanei , its your right, keep doing it but dont put words in my mouth which i have not uttered. George Bush to me exactly the Yazid and tyrant as Khamanei is. Hussein my friend is one who dies at hands of dictator like those young boys and girls of universities murdered in cold blood in streets of Tehran on orders of Khamanei.
    The Zainabs are those who were imprisoned in jails like her, who offended the court.
    The girls who were raped in Iranian jails
    Is this hussainiat? and this is character of one who claims to represent imam?
    Before you call consentual homosexuality beastly, check the reports of Iranian boys who were raped in Iranian jails by revolutionary guards
    Next time you beat your chest and cry on youth of 18 y year old Ali Akber do watch videos of 18 year olds murdered on streets on tehran on crime of doing simple protest and next time your eyes shed tears on listening to tale of Zainab’s appearance in court of yazeed think about innocents girls being raped in jails of Tehran
    you will understand who is Hussain and who is Yazid

    @ deen-e-Mullah fi sabeel allah fasad [I hope Khamanei has read this verse of his fav poet Iqbal Lahori as well—)

  8. averroist Says:

    I was impressed by your opinion about Syed Ali Abbas Jallalpuri. I wrote his name on google, and thus came to know you.

    It is a misfortune of ours nation that this great philosopher of our country is being neglected by us. I recently created an article about him on Wikipedia and also made link in it to yours scholarly comments on him under the heading of tributes.

    Someone has added the tag of an orphan article in this article. Now what can i do, actually this article is not only orphan but the philosopher himself was an orphan, and belonged to an orphan country.

    Please expand and improve this article, as you have more knowledge than me. I’ll be glad if you or someone can add more pictures of this highly cultured sophisticated scholar of ours country.




  9. Sadia Khalid Says:

    Dear Nadeem Farooq Paracha

    Hope you are the same and hvnt changed a bit?

    If so thn please get in touch as my Howz’dat ” baithak” needs you very very much & badly

    Sadia Khalid

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